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Bride-ru Review

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Bride.ru is another popular mail order bride site that receives a lot of traffic. It's jam packed with women and has one of the largest databases of women on any mail order bride site we've come across - so if you've failed to find success with any of the beautiful women on any of the other sites listed in this category, why not try your luck with Bride.ru. Unfortunately Bride.ru offers very little in the way of advanced features and has an extremely primitive search engine.

Although Bride.ru boasts an impressive number of female profiles, it's clear that the emphasis with this site has really been placed on quantity and not quality. Whereas most other mail order bride sites only admit a small percentage of their most beautiful, stable and intelligent women, it seems that Bride.ru have no vetting procedure whatsoever and just let everyone in! This accounts for their enormous database, and it also accounts for the many complaints that we've read elsewhere on the web of many women from Bride.ru trying to scam Western men into giving them money with sob stories about their family being sick and poor, etc.

The website is divided into 3 galleries to which users have access according to their subscription: gold; silver and free. The gold gallery contains the youngest and most beautiful women, the silver gallery also contains beautiful women, but less so than in the gold gallery, and the remainder are to be found in the free gallery. A major plus point of Bride.ru which is not to be found anywhere else is that you may request the email address of anyone in the free gallery, without having to pay a penny, and without even having to sign-up or create a profile! Simply enter your e-mail address on the appropriate form and the e-mail address of the woman you selected will be sent to you! Now you can't beat that! Except that you shouldn't hold your breath for a response from these women. The women in the free gallery get so many e-mails from non-members who are just trying their luck with them that the response rate is very low indeed. Also, having browsed the women in the free gallery and the women in the gold and silver galleries, we're not really sure that anyone would settle for a woman in the free gallery when there are such beautiful women available in the gold and silver galleries! But the choice is yours. From our point of view, it would be well worth paying a few extra bucks to get the e-mail addresses of women in the gold gallery rather than the free gallery, especially when you're playing for nothing short of your future happiness! But then we looked at the prices of gold membership (which you'll need to purchase in order to contact anyone in the gold gallery) and all we can say is this: holy cow, batman! The prices for gold membership start off at nearly $100 for the first month's membership!! This includes a $50 set-up fee! What does that entail, I ask you? Isn't the set-up of your profile done automatically by the system after you input all your details? There is no set-up fee for silver membership! We can only conclude that this is just an attempt to fleece you for all you're worth! Having reviewed many other mail order bride sites, we can tell you that gold membership to Bride.ru is definitely not worth the prices they charge, despite having the largest database of Russian women on the planet (most of these are in the free gallery and you can access them for free anyway). This is especially true when you consider how many of the advanced features that you would normally expect to find in a mail order bride service that are noticeably absent from Bride.ru. These include:

  • Translation services - either by telephone and/or e-mail
  • Romantic tours organized for you to help you meet the lady or ladies of your choice
  • Chat rooms
  • Instant messenger
  • Visa and immigration support for when you do find that special someone

All of these and more are NOT included with your membership to Bride.ru.

There is only one way to get free access to the silver gallery and that's by downloading and installing a desktop tool that feeds you updates from the site. It's unwise at the best of times to go installing things you don't want or understand on your computer, but it's just plain daft to install something from a site like this that is clearly just after your money.

The search facility on Bride.ru is also sadly lacking, enabling you to search such fields as age, height, weight, country, when the profile was added, and nothing more. Many other mail order bride services also allow you to search by keywords, education level, number of children, marital status and most usefully, proficiency in English. Some even allow reverse age searches, which will display only women who are looking for men of your age, which can also be greatly beneficial in whittling down the number of female profiles that are returned as a result of your search. Sadly, all of these search parameters are missing in Bride.ru.

In summary, if it's quantity of women you're looking for, then you really can't beat Bride.ru. But if it's quality of women you're looking for, an advanced set of features and a search engine capable of finding your ideal match, then forget it! Bride.ru falls way below par on all these extra features.

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