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4 Pieces of Advice for Getting to Know a Foreign Bride

Sometimes our own cultural quirks aren’t apparent to us. This is mainly because we see them so often or grew up with them, and therefore don’t view them as unusual. But go to a country which is quite different to your own, and these everyday culturally-specific nuances stand out.

Think of Britain, for example, a small island nation which has explored the world. There, they chink glasses and say “cheers” when drinking, it’s thought of as polite to hold up your little finger when drinking tea, Brits apologise for everything, queue for everything, talk about the weather a lot. To visitors, those national pastimes and habits may seem a little strange, but to the natives they’re just a way of life.

If you’re hoping to meet a life partner from abroad, ignoring cultural differences could result in hurt feelings, miscommunication, or even a direct insult. As such, your chances of finding a partner may hinge on understanding these differences. So, how can you best get to know a foreign bride and understand your cultural differences?


1: Ask them about where they’re from.

This might seem obvious, but taking an interest in someone else’s lifestyle, family, country and habits will help to endear them to you. Similarly, sharing information about your country, how your cultures differ and are similar, will help to build that bond. It’s an exercise in exchanging information and showing that you care about the feelings and life choices of another person.


2: Research is another option.

If you discover you’re getting on swimmingly with a member on a mail order brides website, for example, it would be a good idea find out more about their country. The internet is a great place to do this, with plenty of informative sites on all countries, plus forums where people can chat about their experiences abroad, what they found unusual or charming.


3: Visit their home country.

Travelling abroad will help provide a true sense of what a place and its people are like. You can enjoy immersing yourself in another country, its climate, food and cultures. This may also provide an opportunity to meet with potential partners – a service which is often provided through foreign dating and mail order brides agencies.


4: Seek advice online

Seeking advice on the foreign brides website of your choice is another way to become informed. The customer services team often provide useful articles, tips, Q&A and more to help you find dates and to get to know each other online.

When getting to know a potential foreign date, the basic rules are these: be polite, be genuine, take an interest in their life. With those tips under your belt, you can’t go too far wrong.

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