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5 of the Most Common Mistakes People Make when Looking for a Foreign Bride

Finding a foreign bride or husband can be a joyous thing, totally changing your life forever. However, it’s also potentially strewn with mishaps, misconceptions and big mistakes. If you’re new to finding a mail order bride online, which mistakes should you avoid? Here are our recommendations on 5 of the most common mistakes people make when looking for a partner who lives abroad…


1: More than a pretty face

Finding a partner based on their physical qualities alone is a big mistake. Sure, you want to find someone you’re physically attracted to, but there are so many important things to consider. Some people make the mistake of just talking to members with lots of attractive photos, but this can be misleading. Firstly, most people only upload their best photos, showing off their best sides, so it’s not the most reliable medium on which to base your decision. Secondly, some profiles with poor quality photos, or indeed no photos, may be overlooked simply because of bad photography skills. Most importantly, though, if you don’t take a person’s life and personality into account then you will likely realise you’ve personality traits which won’t gel. This could likely lead to disaster. Instead, make sure you look for someone who ticks multiple boxes, rather than just going for the best snaps.


2: Language barriers

Potential dates or partners may have varying levels of English. Some can write better than they speak, whilst others may rely on a translator. If clear communication is important to you (and you don’t speak their language) then it’s worth chatting and writing as often as you can to discern whether you’re compatible. Whilst stumbling through a few conversations might not be much of a problem on the surface, it can be a major issue further down the line if you decide to get serious.


3: Family and friends

Some people assume that a foreign bride will move to live with them and simply abandon their old life, family and friends. Whilst this may be true of some, it’s unlikely to be the case with many mail order brides. Moving abroad is often an intimidating action which requires a lot of bravery, preparation and support. It can also be lonely, and links to family and friends are important. We recommend thinking about whether you can afford to support return trips, how often you can do so, and if you wish to visit a home country as a couple or family. You may also wish to consider virtual conference tools (such as Skype) as a way of helping a partner to keep in touch with friends and family in their country of origin.


4: Funds

Finding a foreign date or life-long partner from abroad may not be a cheap process. Aside from the online costs of becoming a site member, you may also need to pay for additional support such as a translator or to cover legal fees (if you wish to move home or marry, for example). So many factors might strain your finances further, including whether or not your partner can earn a living whilst living in your country. All of this should be researched and planned for where possible. Website staff, who are often specialists in the legal requirements and costs of bringing people together, may be able to provide insight into these areas if you’re unsure.


5: Fools rush in

Whilst so many members find happiness using a foreign bride website, many others may become disheartened at how slow or hit-and-miss the process can be. Finding a foreign bride is an incredibly important decision which shouldn’t be taken lightly, so finding the right match is vital. Relationships blossom on respect and knowing one-another, and those which fail often fail because they were rushed into without really considering the challenges a relationship might bring with it. Take your time, find someone who is right for you and seek advice when you need it.


The round-up:

It’s easy to get sucked into the exciting exotic promises of foreign bride services, and therefore easy to rush in and make mistakes. Whilst no relationship is perfect, and you might not know whether you’ve found Mr or Mrs Right until you meet, we recommend exploring your options and carefully considering your situation (lifestyle, finances, emotions and otherwise). With our tips in mind, you should hopefully be better equipped to find your ideal partner. Good luck!

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