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5 Top Tips for Overcoming Language Barriers when Using Foreign Bride Websites

Language barriers are one of the biggest and most common issues people encounter when using a foreign brides website. Whilst many potential-brides may speak, read and write English to a high level, some may not. This can make communication more challenging, but not impossible, and the administration teams are aware of the difficulties this can present. As such, there are several solutions you can try out to help break down the language barrier…


1: Use language filters

This is a very simple tip but some people forget to try it. The website you’re using may include a language filter in the search feature. This means you can choose the level of members’ spoken and written English, and only view results for members who have a level you’re happy with. You might also choose to specify the level of English you’re looking for on your profile page, so you won’t receive as many messages from members who struggle with English.


2: Read profile pages

Since languages are very important on foreign bride websites, they often include details of their spoken languages (and proficiency levels) on their profile pages. A simple exploration of these profiles will quickly reveal whether or not a member has the language proficiency you’re looking for. It might also suggest whether or not they’re willing to improve their English through lessons, or whether they’re currently studying languages to help improve their skills.


3: Use a translator

Several sites will offer translation services. These can be automated (a computer translation, which is quick and simple, as well as cheap, but is more likely to be confusing since the tech isn’t quite as good as a human translator, in general) or a human translator (usually more accurate but more expensive). Using a translator can open up a lot of possibilities, even if it’s just to check the occasional word. It works both ways, translating into English for you and into another language for your potential date. Human translators can also offer interpretations or expand on a translation, in case there isn’t a direct English equivalent, which can be very useful.


4: Non-verbal communication

A great deal of what we communicate is not said through words. Gestures, facial expressions and even emoticons can help to express emotions. Don’t underestimate the power of a smile or a look of confusion, this can all help you to express yourself. In different cultures, different expressions and gestures can mean different things, so it can be worthwhile searching for examples on the internet, just to make sure you’re not misinterpreting or misrepresenting things.


5: Speaking their language

You don’t need to be fluent in a language to have a decent conversation. Even picking up a dozen words is better than nothing, and it shows you have put in a bit of effort. This could greatly improve your chances of finding a date or long term relationship! Simple things like, “yes, “no”, “thank you,” can put a smile on someone’s face, whilst phrases such as, “how do you say X in your language?” or “can you say that again please?” can be life-savers. If you are thinking of a long-term relationship with a foreign bride or husband, you might wish to consider learning their language more fully, and we all have to start somewhere.


The lowdown:

Communication is more than just words, but learning a few words and phrases to help you chat online will only improve your chances of finding a partner. Don’t forget to check the site’s translation tools and services, which may build bridges between you.

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