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Top 5 Tips for Attracting a Foreign Bride

Attracting a foreign bride might seem like unfamiliar territory, but most people are looking for the same thing in a partner: someone who understands them, someone who will care for them, someone who is kind and considerate. Knowing what you’re looking for and being patient will help, but here are a few tips specific to mail order bride websites, which may help in your search for love…


1: Be positive, communication is more than words

Intentions are easily lost in translation, especially online. That’s why some sites will offer emojis as a way of helping to express your emotion and intentions without the confusion of words. Staying positive, smiling, offering compliments and avoiding negativity will go a long way in securing another chat with a potential date. It’s also important to remember that different gestures and tones may mean different things to different people, so it’s a good idea to approach all encounters with an open and positive attitude, and assume that everybody is trying hard to be pleasant.


2: Be genuine, foreign brides know what they want

Foreign brides are often looking for a particular lifestyle change, and many will be direct about that. Whether they’re looking for love, a new home abroad, to raise a family, for some financial security, or something else entirely, it’s a good idea to be as honest and genuine as you can. Sometimes we can be too shy about expressing what we want, but that can lead to miscommunications. If asked “Do you like Thai food?” for example, it’s better to say “No but I’d like to try more,” than “Oh, maybe, well I could do,” which might confuse someone. Being truthful (whilst staying positive) helps to avoid problems further along, particularly when talking to someone for whom English may be a second language.


3: Show an interest, it may take time to build a relationship

Sharing information about yourself (once you feel comfortable in doing so) and asking about someone else’s life, is one way to build a strong bond. It shows you trust each other. In addition, it’s a great way to find out about what a foreign date might be looking for, what their life is like and how well you might get on. At first, you may not realise how much you have in common, especially since TV shows, movies, music and other interests may not be the same in other countries. However, over time this should improve, and showing an interest in their life (as well as talking about your own) is a good stepping stone.


4: Don’t be pushy, it may seem rude

In some cultures, being assertive is seen as attractive. In others, it can be viewed as rude or abrasive. Whilst it’s important to be truthful and direct, nobody likes to be forced into a corner. This can be hard to judge because sometimes people may smile when they feel nervous, as well as when they feel happy. It’s a good idea to read a mail order bride website’s FAQ to see if they have any particular tips on how to address potential dates, and whether there are any social rules you should take into account. Remember, finding a life partner or date from abroad can be a slow process, so don’t feel the need to rush otherwise you might put off people who would otherwise be interested in you.


5: Make it clear what’s on offer

Understand what each of you hopes to get from a relationship, and what each of you has to offer. Be direct about this, letting site members know what you’re looking for. Details such as where you live, what your family situation is, whether you own a house or car, whether you hope to have children, and more, will be important in helping others to decide whether or not they’re interested in living with you. Similarly, ask those questions of other members once you get to know them. There’s little point in spending months chatting if you simply don’t agree on key issues, or don’t have the tools to support each other.


The lowdown:

Much of our advice boils down to being patient and open. Language difficulties can slow things down, but with a positive attitude, foreign brides are likely to be more receptive to you and more interested in pursuing a long-term relationship.

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