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If it sounds too good to be true
15 May 2015
Reviewer: Still Looking from Eastern USA

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First, the rating by stars is difficult. The website is very easy to navigate and the site also lets you be detailed in your search. Naturally, it is very easy to join, for they want your money. There is nothing wrong with having a business such as this, but once in their system, the quality goes downhill rapidly. Yes, I am sure there are those who have found a lady and are happy. But, the road to that happiness is extremely expensive, time consuming, and you will have many, many misdirections.

Quality of photos? Another tough question to answer. The photos are very good. Mainly, most are done professionally, which is understandable for the women wish to present a 'good picture'. Again, that is where it ends. It is rare to find a natural photo of any of the Chinese women. For some reason, they feel it is necessary to alter their features. Most men have reported that once they do view an unaltered natural photo, they do not even recognize the women whom they had been corresponding with. It does not take a trained eye to see some of the atrocious altering of many of these photos. Plus, many of the photos are on a fine line of soft porn. And this site claims to be honest? Why would they allow such altered photos? Along with that, I personally received a letter from a 'lady' that was reminiscent of a long time ago when I had viewed a Chinese site. The letters are aggressive and written in an almost soft porn manner. My letter to this 'lady' was formal and polite, as I am sure most men write. The response from 'her' was far more than I expected on AFA's site. Within a day, I received another reply to my initial letter, and 'her' words were even more aggressive. I continued to receive more letters but refused to open them. I did report these letters to AFA and requested refund on three letters, which they did grant me.

Like many others have stated, the cost is extremely high. Even correspondence with an Eastern European lady is expensive for they do not allow you to write directly to a lady. Most often, if you ask the lady for her email address, she will not give it to you, for she "does not know English". Electronic translators are not the greatest, but then some of the so-called translations you pay for are not that great either. The Eastern European photos of ladies can also be rather explicit. Many are scantly clothed and in provocative poses. It is quite common for women of all cultures to flaunt their barely covered breasts.

Overall? This site will drain you of an awful lot of money if you are not careful. Once the hook is set, it is difficult to get away once you feel you have found your dream mate. Too bad for I do feel there are many sincere ladies around the world who would be wonderful wives, and really do wish to find a good husband. This company is just cashing in on the feelings of others, and they have a heart of stone. Cold stone.

But, in their defense, they do have an array of ladies to contact, and they do market them extremely well. It can just get extremely expensive, but they are relying on a man not being able to say, "Enough is enough" and just walk away. By then, their heart is captured, which is what this company relies on. No ethics.

In summary, I would not recommend Love Me to a friend.

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