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I have not taken the tour but I have a few points I want to make
03 May 2016
Reviewer: Spiderman2016 from Houston, TX, USA

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First of all, I have not taken the tour and I just recently started to communicate with one lady from China. I plan on registering for a tour later but I wanted to test the site first:

1.- There are a lot complains about fake mails from girls. AFA does have a disclaimer that most first mails from girls are sent automatically and that the lady may not know they are being sent. Supposedly they are sent because the male profile matches certain characteristics with the woman profile (I doubt this but the agency is trying to pitch in every single new girl on the site to see if you bite). In any case, I know the mails are sent by the agency, PLEASE do not complain if the lady does not know about if this email was sent to you.

2.- Photos. There are complains about photos. Keep in mind that most photos are from a studio or professionally taken, especially Chinese, Philippine and/or Ukrainian. Also men complain that once they see the lady in a non-professional photo or in person, she does not look like the girl they have been corresponding with. Well, take a professional photo of you in a suit and a tie (well dressed)... Then take one at home in front of the TV having a beer and with your big beer belly in plain sight... Do you look like the same person ??? Multiply that by 10 with a girl because they use makeup, dress up a lot more than us and well... they probably do use Photoshop

3.- Price. I hear a lot of complains about the pricing. Well, once you start corresponding with her buy her email address. I read on the site that your email will go through AFA's system to her personal email first and then she will reply directly from her personal email to yours... It may not work but at least you tried to save some money.... Try a different chick until it sticks.

4.- I hope to take a trip soon. I am emailing a beautiful Chinese girl that already sent me personal photos in which she looks somehow different but with a very close resemblance to her studio/professional photos. She sounds sincere and already asked me why can't I come sooner. If she asking that, I think she may be real... If this was an agency employee she would not want to end the chicken with the golden eggs (Me contacting other girls on the site and paying for membership month after month).

5.- If in doubt, just try it. Couple of hundred bucks for a chance to meet beautiful girls is what costs a night out... Of course, they are on the other side of the world but if you are serious about joining the site is because you are planning on going there (China, Colombia, Philippines or Ukraine), right ?

In summary, I would recommend Love Me to a friend.

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