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Jump4love steals your money and your hope and time
30 August 2017
Reviewer: Sucker For A Pretty Face from METRO NEW YORK

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I have been on and off for over 2years. if you have a problem you will never get a credit from them. go to your credit card company and tell the, i have written to them about 50 times about problems that lost time that i paid for. they send you printouts of usage and who you spoke with, buy i have been trying to get a copy of all of my letters to them and a complete printout including who i chatted with and for how long, and the time of day. they fool you for the first 6 months thinking that you eventually get your credit, but they just want you to spend more money while they do not resolve your problems. you think you have several that you couls marry, but i have had problems when it is time to set up a meeting. i had one lady cancel on 2 times. i stopped chatting with her, but she like all of the other problems keep comming back to try to get you to chat with them again. i get the feeling that they get a commision on how much i spend on them. the ladies try to not let you get off after you have chatted long enough, trying to watch the money you are spending. in the begining i gave in most of the time, but spending $140 dollars every day or every other day really gets your bill way up. i just opened a new site called mydatenow.com, and i still have not put a picture on the site yet, and in 3 days i got 700 letters. i am 66 years old, and you get 18 year olds-28 years old mostly. i have a son 28 years. either things are so bad there or i am being scamed. this new site i have been keeping better track of my time. when i stoped yesterday i had just ubder 200 minutes left. when i woke up and wanted to use it, they where all gone. zero minutes where left, not the almost 200 minutes. i have written to them 3 times, and i told them i do not understand why it is taking so much time to get an anser and my time put back on my account.- they hope the ladies are like heroine and you get addicted to the attention. that was the big mistake i made last time on jump4love, but i will not do that again. i think a lot of the ladies are real, but i do think they may use models and even men to write to you back. they have a good business, why do they have to steal my money too. back to jump 4love norman is either owner or manager and he nevers taks care of your problems. he sends you printouts and ask you to tell him which ones you do not reconise but he nevers ends you what you need, and my letters i write to him are right after the problem and i am quite detailed and i still do not get anything. i am now using my credit card compnay to change back as many as they can. they use 3 different creit card accounts so that the credit card company can not pick up the problem. i have spent over 10,000 dollars. i am hoping to get at least half back from the credit card dompany by them chatging jump4love back, and taking my money back at the same time. the money leaves the usa and goes to other contries. i wonder if they pay taxes on our money. they all have an address in the usa, but something just does not smeal right about them. hope this will help someone. i do not think all of the girls are in this. i think there are some good ones too. it seems funny now that i think about it but they llike to talk about sex in details. some tell you they are wet from our conversation! it sounds good at the time, but i think you get caught up in the fever. it is a shame because it could be a great business, and you could make major bucks. but they are pigs and i think the credit card compamies will stop thw flow of money, or reduce it by a lot.

In summary, I would not recommend Jump 4 Love to a friend.

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