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Totally scam website
14 November 2017
Reviewer: Rick White from LONDON, ENGLAND

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I have previously been a member of this website for over 7 years on a daily basis and after all that time it would be apparent that I have a extreme lot of knowledge about this website and its features and I can say that after all that time and spending many thousands of Dollars I can honestly say this website IS a total scam run by criminals.

I have visited Ukraine 6 times over last 4 years and yes I have met 3 girls from this website but all outcomes have not been very pleasant endings.

Now this dream marriage/singles can claim that it is not their fault that I encountered these problems with these girls, but please read on as after 7 years of being on this website I have seen, read and heard a lot. There is so very much to tell this will take me ages to complete, but please for your own good read to the end.

All the girls will claim they want to meet you in real, but when you try to tie them down to a date its all excuses, that suddenly they are out of the city or a family member has become ill or some other story its all delay tactics, now most of the photos on the website are genuine girls but the profiles are fake and some girls allow this website to list there photos for a fee, but be warned you are not talking to the girl in the photo.

the girls that agree to meet you are on website but they are not the beautiful model type girls. now you may think, oh this man is just sore because he can not get a date. WRONG.. I would love to have met one of these girls on this website and given it great reviews as stated before I have been to Ukraine many times as it is just a quick flight away from England and I do not need a visa if my stay is less than 3 months. now surely if ALL these girls were genuine and all that was written in their mails when you come to Ukraine and ask them out on a date they would jump at the chance to potentionally meet their beloved man they would agree to a meet, but NO..!!! like I said before suddenly they are not in the city or a family member has become very ill.

Now if this happens once or twice, but on my last visit to Ukraine November 2017 I contacted over 6 girls and every single one of them gave me excuses that they can not get time away from work but surely they do not work 24/7 and have a normal life when I am not in the country.

Then one girl did agree to meet me and I went to the prearranged meeting place and I waited 2 hours and she did not show up. when I mailed her through website she told me that weather and traffic had stopped her from coming and that if I wanted to meet her again I had to buy her personal details from the website and book the websites interpreter service which would cost $30.00 for contact details and then $99.00 for interpreter services for 2 hours. as stated before I have travelled here numerous times for work and even a business interpreter would not be more than $25.00 per hour so straight away this interpreter service are double what a normal interpreter would cost. when I emailed the website with my concerns they deleted my profile and threw me off the website.

Now when I met these 3 girls previously all they were interested in was how much money I could spend on them and then when I refused suddenly they did not like me anymore, I reported this to this website and gave them the girls names and profile I.D's they did nothing about this as today these girls are still advertised on the website.

I also found out about Prostitutes, exotic models, porn stars on this website and the website has done nothing about this as all they are interested in is stealing your money.

Truthfully I am NOT a sad case I AM warning you that if you join this website you may aswell get your money out of your wallet get a lighter and set fire to your money as you will get the same end result. left with nothing but burnt fingers..

My latest problem was I was talking to this one girl that we had talked for many many months costing me many thousand of Dollars her reassuring me that she can not wait to meet me, something like 500 mails and then suddenly a week before my arrival she was no longer on the website.

I am not a person that generally moans about things, but really you do not know me but believe this website IS definatey a rip off scam and seriously use at your own peril as you have now been warned all you will end up with is no dates and no money and if you complain the website will delete your profile and block you from accessing their website.


In summary, I would not recommend Dream Marriage to a friend.

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