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Beware: GlobalLadies.com is a complete and total scam.
02 September 2018
Reviewer: I. Jack Doff from Los Angeles, CA. USA

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Ah, so, you're looking for a beautiful Ukrainian bride from Ukraine are you? Then, may I advise the buyer to beware. This site is not even remotely legitimate. It is definitely deceptive and completely fraudulent. Like everything else, it is always best to look at this dating site with absolute skepticism and a very open (suspicious) mind. Always check the many posted reviews of each dating site first before you sign up and become an active member. And always, I repeat, always do your homework first.

But remember, it is extremely wise to keep a continuous, open mind regarding positive-written reviews about GlobalLadies.com, as they are more than likely written by one of the very site administrators themselves. Remember, anyone can write and post a review. Anyone. Even those who have a financial profitable stake in the site itself.

The most disturbing factor about this GlobalLadies.com dating site is, there are many posts on different sites all claiming fraud and deception. The immediate concern which comes to mind is, why even lie? After all, assuming the poster is truthful, what financial profit can be gained from someone posting a negative (and presumably honest) response?

I read a post where one guy supposedly traveled all the way to Ukraine to go meet the lady of his dreams in person whom he had been in correspondence with all these months, only to be informed by her, that she cannot meet him because she is "too sick." He claims this not only actually happened to him once, but two separate times with different ladies. Now, what are the chances of that happening twice?

On another site which warns about GlobalLadies.com, this other guy wrote a post saying that he flew to Kiev, Ukraine to meet a girl, only to be told by her, that she couldn't meet him because she was supposedly sick in hospital. Then, while still in Ukraine, he claims he contacted yet another lady lady whom he said he was in constant correspondence with on the site, only to be told that she too is "sick in hospital." Wow! What a wild coincidence! Yes, I would definitely say so.

Yet, the poster went on to say that even when he was told by one of the ladies that a meeting in person was impossible, due to a supposed unexpected "Illness," he asked her to give him the name of the hospital where she was staying at, so that he could come and visit her in hospital, but she said she didn't know the name of the hospital. (Hmm...) Let's see, the Ukrainian woman is taken to hospital in the city where she lives, but she doesn't know the name of the hospital. So, you do the math here, as to whether you think these Ukrainian women are really looking for love and marriage, or is it really only all about your credit card information?

Don't believe everything you read. If you are an active member of this site and are using the chat room, then be warned. Not everything is what it seems. I have personally set up and caught so many women here by using certain techniques in posted messages which prove beyond any reasonable measure that the person on the other side is not legitimate.

Their chat room is operated by a minute-by-minute credits using your credit card. Most of the women in this site's chat room have absolutely no knowledge you are sending them an instant message. You think you're talking to the girl live, but in reality it's someone at the site who sees you logged on and then "baits" you with a message from one of the girls.

How do I know all this? Simple: after continuous questions and after much correspondence, I was actually told this by more than one of the ladies. Some will actually admit to you that it is not really them who sends instant chat messages, it's someone else. Presumably one of the dating site administrators, perhaps an employee. Perhaps even a male employee.

Yes, that's right. You only think you are chatting to the woman of your dreams via live feed. But in reality, you are more than likely chatting to an translation employee of this dating site. Many times the ladies don't even know they have even sent you a message in the chat room, that is, until you reply to one of the many chat messages you receive while registered to this dating site. The messages in the site's chat room are actually sent by someone working at the translation agency.

Only then, when you repeatedly send chat notes or even an email to a lady in Ukraine, is she eventually notified that someone has been contacting her. The site has a business relationship with most of the Ukrainian women by enticing (or paying) them to repeatedly get you to use the chat room, thereby spending more money on your credit card to buy credits. Many are actually paid by the site to remain continuously "active" on the site, thereby, "reeling you in," so to speak.

This site is operated out of Alpharetta, GA, USA and is said to be in the millions in profits.

I sincerely hope this information has been of significant help to the reader.

In summary, I would not recommend Global Ladies to a friend.

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