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Found out the hard, it is a scam
06 March 2020
Reviewer: D from Milwaukee,WI

18 of 34 people found this review helpful

I found out the hard way. It is a scam. Writing letters and trying to gain as much information about the women is beyond frustrating. You ask questions and don't get complete answers or even get multiple answers like example, three phone numbers and none worked in calling process. Even the costumer service thru website is terrible as was told you should have more than one egg in basket in choosing women. Why would anyone want to set yourself with multiple women hoping maybe you'll end up with one.That's is [email protected]#$d UP ! Planned a trip, $1000 dollars round trip flight, promised a apartment room $1450 for a month,which by the way you have to pay in cash and place was nothing like a hotel service type building. A taxi service which you had to pay round trip up front,$340.Then to finally meeting the woman who you wrote letters to for a year looks like nothing of the profile shown on website and the verifying video request to see if woman was real.Also promised a interpreter charging $10 per hour and this person didn't speak any English. Then asked for ID to know who the women and men were when... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would not recommend Global Ladies to a friend.

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Found my 2nd half
28 February 2020
Reviewer: Lee from Wyoming

17 of 31 people found this review helpful

Global Ladies user image
In the spring of 2012 I started on this site met a lady. 2 months later she informed me that she had fallen in love with someone else and wished me luck. as I was about to delete my profile a letter came in. I looked at it and there was this beautiful girl wanting to know if I wanted to talk. I told her what had happened and was ready to just delete my profile and be done. She asked me if I had any credits left I told her I had enough for 10 letters left she asked me to give her a couple letters and see if I wanted to continue to write her. To make a long story shorter we talked for those 10 letters. I was amazed that this young woman was so interesting I was 49 at the time she was 27. over the course of time we started as friends and developed our relationship from there. I was going though a very long and drawn out divorce that never seemed to end so going slow was no problem for me. After some time we move to where I would just E-mail her personally... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would recommend Global Ladies to a friend.

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Beware: GlobalLadies.com is a complete and total scam.
02 September 2018
Reviewer: I. Jack Doff from Los Angeles, CA. USA

31 of 54 people found this review helpful

Ah, so, you're looking for a beautiful Ukrainian bride from Ukraine are you? Then, may I advise the buyer to beware. This site is not even remotely legitimate. It is definitely deceptive and completely fraudulent. Like everything else, it is always best to look at this dating site with absolute skepticism and a very open (suspicious) mind. Always check the many posted reviews of each dating site first before you sign up and become an active member. And always, I repeat, always do your homework first.

But remember, it is extremely wise to keep a continuous, open mind regarding positive-written reviews about GlobalLadies.com, as they are more than likely written by one of the very site administrators themselves. Remember, anyone can write and post a review. Anyone. Even those who have a financial profitable stake in the site itself.

The most disturbing factor about this GlobalLadies.com dating site is, there are many posts on different sites all claiming fraud and deception. The immediate concern which comes to mind is, why even lie? After all, assuming the poster is truthful, what financial profit can be gained from someone posting a negative (and presumably honest) response?

... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would not recommend Global Ladies to a friend.

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17 June 2018
Reviewer: Jw from Texas

31 of 61 people found this review helpful

Global ladies is a complete scam. Global ladies pays girls to sit at a agency and get men to pay to chat with them. Globalladies gives the girls computers to take home where they contact men, get them to chat and spend money. The girls are fake. The whole thing is a scam to get men to spend money. Do not use this web site.

In summary, I would not recommend Global Ladies to a friend.

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I Met My Soon to be Wife on this Site
17 August 2017
Reviewer: Norskygutt from Phoenix, AZ, USA

40 of 76 people found this review helpful

I found my fiancée soon to be wife "Viktoria" on Global Ladies about six years ago and visited her three times in Ukraine. She waited for me at Kiev Boryspil Airport and we spent a romantic week, each visit, together at a nice hotel in Kiev, the second trip, Viktoria and I flew down to the Republic of Georgia and spent five days together in Tbilisi. We toured Kiev, dined at nice, inexpensive restaurants, attended ballet, the opera and the symphony. We also shopped at the many nearby shopping centers. We even bought food, tea, coffee and juice at a small grocery store to bring back and eat in our hotel room to cut the cost of having to dine out too often.

I've read reviews and testimonials here and I can see these are mixed. As for the men who believed they have been scammed, you may have failed on how to use this site properly. Use common sense when using Global Ladies, which takes know how, time and a great deal of patience.

First of all - and this is where most men who used the site have failed - do not assume that the lady knows you when you... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would recommend Global Ladies to a friend.

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Sorry chaps, but ...
26 July 2017
Reviewer: Vladimir from London

49 of 82 people found this review helpful

... it's all fake.

Let's face it: you're dealing with Russians and Ukrainians. The only type of business they know is: I screw you before you screw me.

And since Slavs don't much care for the westerners, they're not too bothered about screwing you.

It's the only screwing you're likely to get!

From what I've been made aware of, the women on these sites are paid for their pictures. And the photos are touted around other sites in the webrings, so expect to see them pop up elsewhere.

You're not writing to them in actuality. All the initial letters are well-written, and if you were to have more than one account, you would receive the exact same letter from that profile you were writing to.

There are women paid to correspond to you, so you're not actually receiving letters from the person you believe you're writing to.

Most of these women are already hooked up with a Slav boyfriend or husband, and this is just a little income for them. Check the photos and see the rings on their fingers, or the holiday photos on an Odessa beach. They're clearly not without a companion.

Some of the women would possibly like to live in USA or Canada or... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would not recommend Global Ladies to a friend.

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Been married for ten years now
21 June 2017
Reviewer: Ian from Elgin, Scotland

31 of 67 people found this review helpful

When my first wife passed away I was lost, 45 years old no kids and a decent if empty place to live. I watched a program on Television after talking to a neighbour and noted two points, don't try to meet someone too young and be honest. I signed up and talked to a total of seven ladies, some promised a clean house and lots of physical contact. The one I chose talked about life, interests and tested my commitments.

I went to see her not a whole stream of ladies, I bought a translator so that we could understand each other (no online translators then). I went back to check a few months later, she came to stay with me after another three, she took a break to have a good think, she came back!!!

We got married and she looked amazing, her son came to stay with us which put a massive strain on us, this is the only negative. Ten years down the line we went on a fantastic break taking a cruise around the Mediterranean.

What would I be doing now if I hadn't signed up, no idea, but now I'm going to spend... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would recommend Global Ladies to a friend.

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25 October 2016
Reviewer: Kevin600 from United Kingdom

70 of 145 people found this review helpful

When choosing a lady to communicate with best to choose 2 or three, no more as you need to keep the enthusiasm going.

Choose a lady with Level 5 English if possible, as interpreters during your visit are very very expensive around $15 per hour, however I think there is a limit of $100 per day (remember 1GBP = $1 = 1EURO or very close)

Ensure your lady lives near an international airport, you don't want to spend two days travelling to and from the airport and $100+ in taxi fare.

Checkout flight costs in advance before starting a long communication, the ladies profile tells you the cities they live in.

Make sure the lady has sexy photos too as some are still virgins at 30 and will not even kiss you on the lips even after quite a few visits.

In summary, I would recommend Global Ladies to a friend.

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Frustrated in Florida
21 May 2016
Reviewer: Frustrated Guy from Florida

105 of 190 people found this review helpful

This site is a complete scam ! I have met before, in person, a few years ago, some of these "available" ladies. Some are now married and not even living in the Ukraine.

The entire idea is to keep you writing and reading letters. I travel to Europe every month and lately has been impossible to try to meet a real lady thru this site. Once you get serious about meeting them, they give you a fake phone, where you can never contact them, and then they ask you to "talk" to them on a "Chat". You can only see the woman. You type, she types. No sound. You are not visible either.

I began checking the same woman every day to discover the trick. You are ONLY typing to a RECORDED VIDEO of that woman. She is not there ! She is always wearing the same clothing, and doing the same gestures. The video keeps repeating itself. One way to check if this is a real connection, is to ask the woman to raise the right hand and wave. Do not waste your money as I have.

In summary, I would not recommend Global Ladies to a friend.

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It's nothing but lies, lies and money!!
29 June 2015
Reviewer: Western Man from Dallas, TX

96 of 164 people found this review helpful

I have been on this website for well over a year. These pop ups of young girls is their way of sucking you in to get more of your money. Many of these women are already on other sites like Russianbrides.com. charmingbrides.com. Specific offices or branches like Poltava are known to write responses on behalf of their clients (women) I have 3 make friends, we've planned to make a trip last year, when we discovered some of the wonen we were communicating with, sent us identical letters and they all originated from at least one office in Poltava! This office in Poltava is independent, but affiliates themselves with global ladies in order to have greater access to the men that are looking to meet a nice lady. They are liars, manipulator a and corrupt, like their government. Do not spend any more of your money to write since they have a horrible credit system, thieves and liars!

In summary, I would not recommend Global Ladies to a friend.

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