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Found my 2nd half
28 February 2020
Reviewer: Lee from Wyoming

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In the spring of 2012 I started on this site met a lady. 2 months later she informed me that she had fallen in love with someone else and wished me luck. as I was about to delete my profile a letter came in. I looked at it and there was this beautiful girl wanting to know if I wanted to talk. I told her what had happened and was ready to just delete my profile and be done. She asked me if I had any credits left I told her I had enough for 10 letters left she asked me to give her a couple letters and see if I wanted to continue to write her. To make a long story shorter we talked for those 10 letters. I was amazed that this young woman was so interesting I was 49 at the time she was 27. over the course of time we started as friends and developed our relationship from there. I was going though a very long and drawn out divorce that never seemed to end so going slow was no problem for me. After some time we move to where I would just E-mail her personally and we started to get serious with talking everyday and video chatting after she learned English. in June of 2017 she was going to visit her father in Russia and we went 3 weeks with no communication. this is when it came to me how much this girl meant to me and that real feeling were there when she got back I told her this and she said that she had found the same feelings. After making a deal with the ex-wife to finally get the divorce final we filed my divorce was final on march 18th of 2018 march 21st I was eating at a restaurant in Ukraine with the lady I adore after meeting me at the airport in Odessa I knew the minute I saw her that this was the woman I wanted to spend my life with . For 4 weeks we spent getting to know each other better. I met her family attended a BBQ with some of her friends and had a very good time. I proposed to her on march 30th and she accepted and I gave her a ring. I wanted to file for the K-1 when I got home but with a recent divorce we both thought better wait for a little while. but we continued talking everyday and videoing. She tried to get a visitor visa to come but was denied. we decided to file the K-1 visa in January of 2019 but found out quickly we needed to get a lawyer to help our paperwork came back so got the lawyer and found out today she was approved to come to the states. when we got off this site it was a bittersweet time we met here and now we will soon be married thanks to this site for giving us the chance to met and now be married. so thank you so very much you have gave me and Anastasia a life we both look forward to. even if it did take 7 1/2 years it was worth it. to met someone and build a friendship and take it to the level of getting married is something very special and Ukraine women are so very special. it takes time to build a relationship but it is so worth it. I know that I feel like I'm blessed everyday to have this beautiful special lady in my life. she is one in a million and a lady through and through and very loyal I had a year and a half I couldn't work or travel due to a blood clot in my head she was there everyday writing me wanting to know how I was feeling and making sure I didn't forget her. She got to know my dad before he passed away and is close with the rest of my family and all of this is before she comes here. these women are so amazing and special in so many ways and I know even with the huge age gap we have we took the time and did it right when we went to for her visa the lady was only asked her 3 questions the fact that we had been in a relationship for so long helped now this beautiful lady will be with me soon. and we will finally start a life together. I know that how lucky I am not everyone can find someone and I know that there are those that will take advantage of the men if possible. but there are also those women that are true and looking for a husband to share a life with I only hope that I can give her the happiness that she has given me so far these women are so loving and caring it is something so very special if you find it. I look forward to a happy life with my beautiful wife and us starting a family together. if I could say one thing about the ladies just take it slow with them and get to know them they are amazing and some of the most loving women in the world.

In summary, I would recommend Global Ladies to a friend.

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