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Paid models for jobs
09 June 2020
Reviewer: World Best Inspector from USA

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According to dream-marriage.com or https://victoriahearts.com
Models trafficked!

The reason why these girls are beautiful is because they wear a lot of makeup before they log onto dating agency, just in case a men wants to chat and see webcam so they have a common HABIT regularly look good during work and after work, later or tonight log back online to write to chat with men, the prettier the bigger the income, there’s no job here in ukraine it is a poor country, they do nothing other than look good to use their looks to bait men online at their country it’s a job and second they spend half a day to write to men and get paid about 40 cents to $1.50 depending on the currency exchange to increase profit by telling their victim to wire the money through money laundering western union or other non traceable black market transfer using real bank to permit the transfer using privacy rights so the cops have trouble tracing money pickup number, they will seduce you to get more income by tempting you to write more, if a model gets caught by police she could be facing $150,000 disguised as an affiliate for 5 years without making a single payment is fraudulent while pretending to look for love, believe it or not you can sue the agency including the model for deception and betrayal and tell the judge you didn’t know she’s an affiliate(model and chat for money) the girls have to dress and sexy to seduce men on letter and cameras, that’s Why they look nice because they have to seduce men to make money, the girls don’t need to commit anything, other than seduce to you by lying while imitating as interested, once you sue her after take her to court the judge and police may find she replied to them I was only being nice to him even though I don’t really like him as an excuse, but by then you have already been robbed of her seduction to deceive you during those times you wrote to her, by getting you to writing more and more profit per letter into her salary, and once you buy her contact, DECEPTION starts here, she knows looking nice nearly every day before her shifts on the dating site to correspond with men so she has to look good or her best, who the fuck has time to look good everyday THATS WHY SOME SOME PEOPLE ASK WHY ARE UKRAINE WOMEN SO BEAUTIFUL? Because, in Ukraine, it’s no.1 job for women and main income to support the family AND MODEL FOR THE SITE, the chance of getting married is only 2.8% out of 25,000,000 victims GOOD LUCK GETTING MARRIED, Americans have robbed billions of dollars by smuggling and posting models not real girls looking for love THEY ARE ACTUALLY GETTING PAID TO CORRESPOND, SOME ARE MARRIED DISGUISED AS SINGLE, but posting as affiliate disguised as CONFIRMED PROFILE, does NOT DO ANYTHING to protect you as a VICTIM it’s been going on for over 10 years, in 2019 scam have Boom!!! By 987% with 98 billion dollars AUD in losses

What’s wrong with their country men why look overseas? They were described as poor pathetic men who can’t support her so, so goldigging online become a common place to go online to wallet men’s and burn their heart and soul.....like I burnt their luhansk, Donesk Crimea and other perimeters into an enduring war

Are Ukrainian women smart? No, it’s a poor country third turning fourth world due to war and debt owing across the city of unpaid $100,000,00, if somebody’s told you Russian or Ukrainian are smart, the worlds biggest thieves that are women related according to statistics are in Ukraine, smart at lying? Yes, yes!
The worlds smartest female lier also lives in ukraine
The average Ukrainian girls starts lying and play tricks at around 16 years to 50 years old
The crime women in Ukraine commits is higher than western country women commit is also the highest in the world, they trick and fool police over there to avoid jail
Would you you marry a lier?
Would you marry a genuine goldigger?
Only you make the visa and her passport IN YOUR OWN COUNTRY OR GET A COOY OF HER VISA if you are sponsoring her, WARNING if she ask you to make visa over there, immediately report her to police penalty is $10,000aud, no excuses
And are you prepared to get dumped, once you are down with money and she dumped you, like she already dumped her Ukrainian men? To search foreign to find the next dump?
And once she has dumped in you country with your visa made for her, you can also dump her permanently out of the country
You can win, but once you win too many times, eventually you will lose, a trip back to your country where there is a war zone and cope with your new old land of demolition
If you answer Yes to all these, then Ukrainian are definitely NOT FOR YOU!

In summary, I would not recommend Dream Marriage to a friend.

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