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The staff was very helpful in my time of need
26 July 2013
Reviewer: Greg from Florida

120 of 243 people found this review helpful

I have never dated a girl from kherson girls. However, during one of my trips to kherson I was robbed and injured. I stopped by the office and explained my situation and the manager helped by actually loaning me money until I could have some wired to me, which she made all of the arrangements for, including contacting my brother directly. They provided an apartment for 2 days for a minimal charge ($20 a day). With no upfront money. In short, I trust them explicitly.

In summary, I would recommend Kherson Girls to a friend.

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Girls there are just expecting to take money from you
06 June 2013
Reviewer: Jonas from San Antonio TX

122 of 231 people found this review helpful

I found that almost all the girls there have local boyfriends, some live with them or have relationships longer than 4 years... I talked about this with the owner and he said "he has no problem with that", they just verify the passport and if the girl is single that's all the filter they need.

I was scammed by one of those girls and his boyfriend... don't trust this agency, they never protect their customers, instead of that they promote actively scammers, pro daters and gold diggers.

In summary, I would not recommend Kherson Girls to a friend.

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Marriage agency at the end of Suvorova Street.
29 April 2013
Reviewer: Truth Teller from USA

136 of 261 people found this review helpful

I've used the agency for a number of years, have talked with Kevin, and visited the Ukraine on multiple trips.

The Agency has a friendly helpful staff (good translators), clean apartments in mostly safe neighborhoods. The agency's profiles are real. The agency is mostly legit; (read: remove girls profiles who attempt to scam money from men).

Kherson is VERY heavily visited by foreign men. A typical lonely frustrated girl who joins the agency, discovers change after joining. She will receives daily attention in the form of letters, candy, flowers, cards, gifts, and has the option to date many successful and wealthy men who arrive every week. Eventually they become bored; so Good Luck with the Competition. May the dice of chance fall in your favor, but the odds are against you.

While the agency does have a track record, of introducing couples who married; at the end of the day it is only a money making business.

In summary, I would recommend Kherson Girls to a friend.

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Golddiggers and the agency does not care
18 April 2013
Reviewer: Aaron R. from Arizona, USA

99 of 176 people found this review helpful

I used Kherson Girls and actually met the girl in Kherson. She started asking me for money BEFORE I had even proposed to her. She wrote me one letter talking about the clothes and shoes she had bought and then asked me for more money. She did not want to discuss our relationship or the future or anything about her. When I challenged her on this she wrote that she would not write back to me.

The agency did absolutely NOTHING about this and continues to show her profile. They also tried high pressure tactics to get me to write letters to/meet as many ladies as possible (spend more and more money).

Avoid this agency at all costs. I wasted a lot of money and time on them.

In summary, I would not recommend Kherson Girls to a friend.

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I spent 8 hours on a bus for nothing!
29 January 2012
Reviewer: Cary Dolego from Phoenix, Arizona

123 of 261 people found this review helpful

I lived in Ukraine for 6 months while I searched for my future wife there. I came upon Kherson girls after doing a search for marriage agencies in Ukraine. I lived in Nikolave which is about one hour from Kherson and thought I would give it a try. This was a mistake. After a first meeting with a lady with Kherson Girls that went nowhere I received an e-mail from an attractive lady also with Kherson Girls that said she wants to meet. The e-mail she sent me went through Kherson Girls and unlike the first lady that I met this lady contacted me first, so I was confident that the meeting would be a productive one and that she was sincere. By this time I was living in Simferopol, which is the capitol city of the independent Republic of Ukraine called Crimea. I spent 8 hours on a bus from Simferopol to Kherson just to be advised when I arrived that the ladies sister called at the last minute and said that the lady was just hospitalized with a stomach problem and would not be able to make it to the meeting. When I... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would not recommend Kherson Girls to a friend.

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Kherson Girls: A Real Deal With Shame
01 November 2011
Reviewer: IToldYouSo from Bangor, ME

167 of 321 people found this review helpful

There is a shameful side to this site called Kherson Girls and my own experiences and Kevin Hayes own words bears witness to that. I hope I will be allowed by the editor to reveal this shameful side of Kherson Girls and it has to do with:

Firstly bias by Kevin Hayes, the owner who has refused the right of equality in the projection of other ethnic groups at the head of his site. He may relegate them to the back but he finds them not worthy or deserving to be at the site's forefront. Here are his own words from the ripoff report

#21 Owner of Company

Front page responce

AUTHOR: khersongirls - Weirsdale (United States of America)

SUBMITTED: Thursday, August 04, 2011

"If you still believe that your race isn't being promoted on my site. Please feel free to start your own agency for your race or ethic group"

Sites likes these have no issue with earning from a man who is of another ethnic component but to give them the right to be seen or represented at the site's forefront they have a tendency to kick against it and Kevin Hayes has shown just that with his own words.... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would not recommend Kherson Girls to a friend.

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Kherson Girls is the Real Deal
25 August 2011
Reviewer: Greg from Nashville, TN

157 of 315 people found this review helpful

I will keep this brief but wanted to give a review on Kherson Girls. I am actually shocked that there are no more reviews here. I have tried many different services out there, dated several really great gals in Ukraine and have also been scammed by the best. And in all of my experience Kherson Girls is one of the only companies out there that offers legitimate service.

When I was there Kevin, the owner from Florida was there with his wife and kids. He personal drove me all over the state to meet girls that I wanted to meet. With no expensive charges. All I covered was the gas.

They have a strict policy that their girls are NOT allowed to rake you for money like expensive dinners. They screen the girls well and the customer services is second to none. Though I did not meet the girl of my dreams when I went there I build friendships there that I still have today. Friendships with girls and friendships in the office.

So I am going back and ONLY dealing with Kherson Girls. I could go on and on about them but I am not into writing long reviews. But trust... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would recommend Kherson Girls to a friend.

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Kherson Girls needs to have a better Kaleidoscopic Picture
25 May 2011
Reviewer: TheExposer from St Patrick, Trinidad and Tobago

139 of 282 people found this review helpful

Let me tell you I have checked out this site and it disappoints me and I am ashamed. I always have a principle-good service does not mean bad ethics. Why?

The owner's projection of the site is ethnically backward-especially in terms of its advertising like its banner advertising. Where are the advertisments of nonwhite men (Asian, African, Indian, Latino men) with these ladies? Just another one of those sites that takes your money but will not put up your complexion on the site!

They sell the contact information of the lady-What is she cattle or some kind of property owned by the site? Did you know that Cute Only although it has its fair share of problems allow one to do pass contact information for FREE?!

They also sell the first introductory letter on the site-UA dreams gives you three free letters and their introductory letter is free to a lady. Plus I see no refund from the site if the lady rejects you!

The chat faciltity is not totally sound because in case their free chat does not work you have to go back to use their private chat which one has to pay for also!

In summary, I would not recommend Kherson Girls to a friend.

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