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Falling in Love in and with Colombia
24 March 2014
Reviewer: Steve from Colombia

140 of 245 people found this review helpful

I have used A Foreign Affair over 10 years ago, eventually met my wife from Eastern Europe and after several years unfortunately we divorced, we are still friends, just did not work after a few years. My experience with A Foreign Affair was fantastic, the tour I went on was great, met a ton of women, and now that I am divorced I decided to use them again.

This time I am looking in Latin America, in Colombia. The women are awesome, and Monica did her best to introduce me to as many of them as possible, so many that I had to ask her to stop! I had no problem with the women giving me their addresses once we met. I don't think the women want to be pen pals and they know if you come here you are serious, so more open to giving their private contact info. Two of the women I dated were on the site for over a year and I was the first guy from the site that they dated! I had too many meetings to handle, and I was not on a tour or... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would recommend Love Me to a friend.

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Feedback on the May 23 to June 5 tour to Chongqing...
14 March 2014
Reviewer: Jason from USA

160 of 262 people found this review helpful

I Just wanted to give some feedback on the May 23 to June 5 tour to Chongqing last year. Unlike the Ukraine tours it was held in a brightly lit room with soft music which made communication very easy. I appreciate that a loud party may attract more girls but this environment was much, much better for getting to know people. We all had our own translators and we each rotated from table to table and talked with every girl who was there. The girls who turned up were genuine, honest and in no way did they want to take advantage of us. Of the girls I dated I always offered taxi money, gifts and expensive meals however they preferred to show me traditional places that were very affordable, often gave me small gifts and taxi money was always refused. I was told that many of the girls at the social were not poor, but actually wealthy with businesses and their own real estate. A few girls had even caught flights from distant towns just to attend the social. In my opinion the socials and invitation list was organized very well.

The tour manager, Yuan was new to managing tour... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would recommend Love Me to a friend.

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Why is there no "scull" possibility. This site is a scam!
14 March 2014
Reviewer: Angry_afa_user from Reykjavik, Iceland

161 of 313 people found this review helpful

I have come to this conclusion: the AFA site, loveme.com, is a scam. There are no women interested in one on one communication and they ALL insist to keep the correspondence within the site. Like they have no knowledge of free E-mail like Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo!

I give this site a scull, not one star, not zero star; A SCULL! Stay away from it! You will only lose money if you try it.

I will never use AFA again!

I can't by any means recommend it!

I strongly recommend you stay away from it!

The sole purpose of this site seems to get money of you.

In summary, I would not recommend Love Me to a friend.

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Best experience of my life- bar none!
11 February 2014
Reviewer: Mike from Ukraine

162 of 312 people found this review helpful

One of the other tour participants told me about this site and I had to come here and tell everyone about my experience on the February AFA Kiev-Poltava tour. This was and still is (I am still in the Ukraine as I write this) the best experience of my life, no doubt about it. AFA undersold this, it had not only met, but greatly exceeded my expectations. The women I have been meeting since I arrived are nothing less of spectacular. There were about 200 or so at our first Social in Kiev and one was better looking than the other, a little less in Poltava but just as beautiful. The quality of the women that AFA introduced us to was amazing. The main difference is that these women actually want to meet you and talk to you. If I approached any women like this in North Carolina they would not give me the time of day (literally, I asked one once what time it was and she told me the clock was over there!) but here they want to talk to you, I had women pulling on my arm almost all... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would recommend Love Me to a friend.

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The women are real!
10 February 2014
Reviewer: Donald from ME

138 of 288 people found this review helpful

I went to the social in Kiev despite the political protests, and there were so many beautiful, smiling women, that it was difficult to move around the room without bumping into them. This was not my first social and I have to say I am well satisfied with the quality of location and women. The women that I spoke to were interested in me, my life, and my lifestyle.

In Poltava I met numerous women and then I met Ekaterina. It was a very good meeting and only time can tell how this will end. She is one of the most engaging and compatible women I have ever met.
From my experience I can tell you that the women are real, you just need to go and meet them, don't bother writing.

Donald from Maine

In summary, I would recommend Love Me to a friend.

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Very Good Experience - Small Problems Quickly Resolved.
02 December 2013
Reviewer: Pleased In Denver from Denver, CO

162 of 317 people found this review helpful

I joined A Foreign Affair over a year ago. Overall, I have been very pleased with my experience.

I did have some issues with some letters that I sent, however they were quickly resolved. I love that they have a phone number on their website that they actually answer. I have always been able to call and get someone to quickly address my questions and concerns. That's hard to find in a singles site.

I went on a tour with A Foreign Affair about 2 months ago and it was honestly much more than I expected. I met nearly all of the women I wanted to and many more. Met some women, especially one, that I am very interested in and planning to go back this spring. As far as I am concerned, it was a great experience.

Over time I have become very comfortable and please with this company. If I have any problems all I have to do is call (very important to me instead of sending email and waiting days for reply, if any).

I would recommend at least giving these guys a chance to any man if he's serious in his search.... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would recommend Love Me to a friend.

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Try this experiment and you will find out that it's a scam
11 July 2013
Reviewer: James from North Carolina (but Working Outside Of USA)

218 of 390 people found this review helpful


Don't waste your money or your time. This is my experience. I came to AFA with an open mind and ready to find a nice Asian lady. I checked the box on my profile that says "Do not send introductory letters" which is supposed to mean don't send me any letters without the lady's permission! I'm sure that many of these ladies don't even exist. But I continued with the service and ran a little EXPERIMENT. Below is what happened.


I signed up for the Platinum service and ordered 18 virtual addresses so my letters could be sent to the ladies personal email address (no agency involved). Out of those 18 ladies, 13 of them were ladies that had SUPPOSEDLY written to me FIRST. I had letters in my agency inbox from them. I wrote very nice letters to these ladies and wrote subject lines like "Hello Juan! You wrote to me at the agency :)" I waited 6 weeks and did not receive even one reply. I find that very strange that not even one lady (that had previously written to me) would be interested in reading my letter. ... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would not recommend Love Me to a friend.

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You must be doing it wrong
10 April 2013
Reviewer: Brooke from united kingdom

156 of 355 people found this review helpful

You must be doing it wrong guy's cos I met 2 very beautiful girl's on this site, lived with the 1st one for 6 months, married the second one been together 10yrs!

In summary, I would recommend Love Me to a friend.

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Yes, I tried it with $$$$ spent
20 January 2013
Reviewer: Still Hopeful from USA

236 of 400 people found this review helpful

Wow, I wish I had researched AFA before I spent $$$ with them. Almost every negative comment in these reviews that I have read brings me to say "yes-- that happened to me too". Sorry to sound vain, but I have always been considered a handsome man, well educated, have a good job, and am financially secure. With a broken heart after decades with the same spouse, naive, and somewhat shy the AFA site provided a wonderful boost of self-confidence for me. I truly believed all these young beautiful girls were interested in me and were writing me these flirty letters. So after funding my letter writing in $100 increments to only those who supposedly wrote me first I was on my way to finding that special someone.

What I thought was a tender connection with one lady seemed especially promising. So I wrote to her that I was coming on a tour. After 6 months of sending and receiving her letters, it stopped immediately. Like others have shared, some other irregularities with pictures sent that were already on her profile site, and not answering my questions, etc. should have raised... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would not recommend Love Me to a friend.

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Loveme and ChnLove Date are filled with scams?
05 January 2013
Reviewer: Steve from Fort Worth, TX

189 of 358 people found this review helpful

I was and am looking for Chinese ladies, so I picked up LoveMe. I picked them because they are an American company, and I know that other marriage agencies, especially the Russians are terrible, filled with cheating. So I started corresponding with a Chinese lady from Chongqing. She immediately suggested to me to come visit her, and in two letters she right away was talking about marrying me. So I decided to buy her virtual e-mail, but despite of this she did not reply to my personal e-mail that was reported to her, she sent her next reply to LoveMe (buy it for another $9.99). But then I found her on ChineseLoveLinks as well, and since I have there unlimited message numbers for several months, I sent her a letter from there, too. No reply, since then she did not open her mail box at ChineseLoveLinks (which is, by the way an honest and respectable agency, at least in my opinion). So, I think, the situation is clear. I am not sure that this lady exists at all, all this might have been the action of a translator.

A similar situation at ChnLove Date. You need to know, there you are... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would not recommend Love Me to a friend.

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