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Terrible experience
23 December 2012
Reviewer: JG from UK

182 of 355 people found this review helpful

Letters you receive back are NOT genuine replies.

What is supposed to happen is the "translator" reads out your letter over the phone and the lady then replies back and then the "translator" creates a letter.

But the "translator" isn't actually translating what the lady has said. The "translator" will say things that the lady has never actually said just to pad out the letter with lots of "added extras".

So this isn't genuine correspondence with the lady at all. You're basically paying $9.99 (sometimes more) per letter to correspond with the "translator", not the lady.

In addition, many times you are forced to pay for attached photos if you wish to open a letter. There is no option NOT to pay for a photo.

I spent a lot of money over a 3 month period on the "letter" translation service until I realised what was going on. I always had my suspicions but I kept on writing hoping that I really was communicating with the woman.

I contacted the president of AFA John Adams as customer support ignored all my concerns and managed to receive a full refund, which was good, but I can't replace all the wasted time.

In his... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would not recommend Love Me to a friend.

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6 enjoyable trips and I found my bride
22 October 2012
Reviewer: Brandybild from Washington DC

245 of 437 people found this review helpful

I used AFA and found it to be good! However, you have to stay with it, and learn the system. Plan to go on a tour or two, don't bother writing ahead, it really does not help much. But, BE REALISTIC and view many profiles, pick a large number of women you want to meet, notify the office in your destimation city a week in advance. They will have dates for you! Most of the women are nearly as they present themselves on the profile.

But, you must be realistic, 19 year old girls do not want to meet 73 year old men! Some age difference is normal, and expected (my fiancee is almost 20 years younger than I, 57/38) but too much is too much! However, be aware that a few of the women on the site are just looking for a date, a dinner out, someone to buy them a few small things...so keep your eyes open. I traveled a total of 6 times (solo each, I am not cut out for the mob scene of a social) and learned a lot about myself, and a lot about women, about other... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would recommend Love Me to a friend.

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Buyer Beware!
27 September 2012
Reviewer: BIGtony from New Orleans, LA, USA

176 of 356 people found this review helpful

Here's my review of AFA / loveme.com broken down by category of service in the Philippines:

Letter writing service:
in a nutshell it's a total and complete waste of time and money. The letter writing service appears, based on my experience and that of others I know that have also used the service, to be too expensive, rife with fraudulent letters from both the affiliate offices and scam artists. My advice is, if you feel you must write, only write to women you are interested in 2 weeks before you plan to actually go and see them. Tell them of your imminent arrival, your desire to meet them when you do arrive and let it go at that.
I would not recommend this service to a friend.

The Social:
Depending on your personality ( you are highly social and gregarious ) you may like this better than I did because I am somewhat shy and retiring. Out of the 170 women that attended the social approximately half were attractive to me. So now we're down to 85 women. With 25 men in attendance that's a little better than a 3 woman to 1 man ratio not the 10 to 1 ratio advertised.... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would not recommend Love Me to a friend.

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It is not a scam, I met my Philippine Wife on AFA
23 September 2012
Reviewer: Zach from Washington, DC

197 of 390 people found this review helpful

I found out about AFA after watching "This American Life" featured by Lucy Liu on the Oprah Network. I felt that it was legitimate and i immediately signed up.

I must say the website can use some work when it comes to buying items like Phone translation time and free time earned as a result of sending flowers, etc.

Also it seems that there some inconsistency when it comes to costs outside of the website. For example i was not charged to get my wife's phone number whereas her sister's fiance was charged a large sum to get her phone number.

But the fact of the matter is that it is not a scam. You must get up off your butt and go visit the woman. I had plenty of reservation about the site and service, but did find out that all of the women were real and actual. Most of the women i corresponded with were eager to get married. I mean come on, lets be realistic, they do want to leave where they are, but THE ARE VERY GRATEFUL and will treat you like a king. I was not necessarily looking to be treated... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would recommend Love Me to a friend.

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Caveat Emptor - Beware of this site!
13 September 2012
Reviewer: The Batman 1989 from USA

202 of 391 people found this review helpful

I spent about $100 writing a girl from Colombia on their site. She wrote me back but never answered my questions and never gave any specific information about herself. I purchased her email address ($12) and sent 3 messages but never got a reply. I then sent another message through their service and received a response with another email address and the message "Let's keep communicating!". All of her messages were written in English. I sent two messages to that address with no reply from her. The only responses I received were through their service.

In my opinion, this is a scam, It costs 6-9 dollars per message through their site. I think this is one way they make $. I doubt the girl in the photo ever saw my messages.

Also, if you select a woman who is not on the new members list you will not know how long she has been on the site. I have seen the same profiles for many years. You must select a woman from the newest members list on the bottom of the front page. (Even then you do not know where the photo and profile came from!) It is very easy to find... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would not recommend Love Me to a friend.

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Been searching a while now and have noticed several things
08 September 2012
Reviewer: ElijahX from Dallas, Tx, USA

179 of 372 people found this review helpful

I have been on and off A Foreign Affair (AFA) and its affiliate Foreign Ladies (FL)since 2009. I know for sure that I have actually talked to ladies because after I decided I no longer wanted to talk with them they got angry and deleted their profile (one site or the other, or both). I think FL is the best for communication with the exception that they do not allow direct contact. But then I have never tried direct contact on AFA. I did notice (I am interested in Chinese women) that the quality of ladies in the profiles are far above the ladies who attend the socials (see recent tour photos on AFA). I wondered about that until I found several photos of a woman I once talked to. Check profile 105691 CuiBai age 36 then check tour photos for 2009 China and scroll down to row 15 and look at the pic on the right. It is the same woman, just without the photo shoot make-up. Although you can find the same women on both sites, I would trust FL more. I have had good experiences and bad ones on both sites. Hey I was even dumped by... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would not recommend Love Me to a friend.

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Do not join this site.
07 August 2012
Reviewer: Richard from Burbank, CA

209 of 402 people found this review helpful

To be fair, I was very open minded about this site. I know a lot of these sites are scams. A Foreign Affair seemed to be legitimate and had no bad reviews I could see at the time. However, my experiences in emailing people were pretty disappointing. No sooner do you set up a profile, you start getting dozens of letters. I reviewed the profiles and even unlocked a few that seemed interesting ($6 a pop mind you, if they "write" you). After thinking about it awhile, I decided to write a few of them, to see if anything interesting might develop. What's funny is all letter seem to be answered in the same time frame, around 24 hours. Most of the replies are completely stupid and pretty much just a rehash of the things written in their profiles, they don't respond to any questions you ask and the letters don't say anything essentially meaningful. Oh, and they inevitably attach a couple photos from the same photo shoot as their profile photos, which are an additional $3.50 per photo on top of the $10 for reading the reply. There is... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would not recommend Love Me to a friend.

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Love Me (foreign ladies) good for what it is....
08 March 2012
Reviewer: Tommy from NJ

183 of 371 people found this review helpful

Had a very nice pen-pal relationship that went to her personal email address after about 10 letters. Yes, the house email/address thing is expensive, but with the right girl you can quickly move to off-site correspondence--just ask her for her email address.

I also got lots of bites from women who were interested---I answered (and turned down) many via letter, and the quality of their responses proved to me that these were real women, looking for a real marriage situation. They were all very charming responses!

But my situation may be different from yours---I'm old (60) and wasn't looking for supermodel types---just attractive and personable contacts. I found these!

If you're corresponding with someone who doesn't speak english, learn the language and write to the women in that language---and ask that her letters NOT be translated---you can get a better sense of the person without the translation...sure it takes some work, but, hey---you'll have to learn the language eventually---jump right in!

By the way, when I had technical questions, they always got back to me..

In summary, I would recommend Love Me to a friend.

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The Real Truth about This Agency!
19 January 2011
Reviewer: Mark from Seatle

233 of 418 people found this review helpful

I will inform you of my trip using AFA. I am 31 years old and I went on a marriage tour with these guys. look...yes ..they do set up socials but the quality of women that show up to their socails are not the type that have profiles on the website.

Social #1 Odessa - The girls that showed up were there for drinks and prizes (they offer these if the girls stay to the end of the socials).

Socail #2 Nicolaev - This actual was not bad...and was the best of the three socials...the girls were not that attractive but there were a lot of girls and they wanted to meet men.

Social #3 Kherson - The worst...girls left at the very beginning and not many girls showed up. The girls that stayed were looking to scam poor, old men.

The truth....I learned from my trip that it is a huge game. The girls know that the men that will show up will all be 45 and above (old men) (I'm 31 and I was one of the younger ones) That said...most of the girls just try and scam out the old men...that's the truth. I... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would not recommend Love Me to a friend.

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A Foreign Affair delivered as promised. No smoke, no games..
18 January 2011
Reviewer: Pvmcmullin from Barranquilla Colombia (now) Denver Colorado before

152 of 307 people found this review helpful

After looking at several other sites I decided to try AFA. That was a great choice in my opinion and I now LIVE in Barranquilla Colombia!

The whole letter writing thing just left me cold and I think it is just plain bad for both sides. Looking at it from the woman's side; how many guys do you think will wrtite letters for years without ever coming to meet her? They are not here to be your pen pal! Too many guys talk the talk but don't walk the walk! Think like the shoe was on the other foot.

If you are interested in romance then start the process to get to where it is that you want to go. Personally my choice was Barranquilla Colombia because I liked the looks of the women here better than the other cities. Also not many Americans come to Barranquilla to stay. That's another story however.

My dealings with the folks in Phoenix were great. They acted like they were running a professional business and yet they were friendly and helpful. My biggest thanks go to the staff of AFA here in Barranquilla though. Yami and Cecilia worked hard to get me dates and then... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would recommend Love Me to a friend.

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