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Do your research
01 June 2016
Reviewer: Luckylou from New York, USA

51 of 107 people found this review helpful

Most of the girls on the website are there to earn a living. They might be married or they have significant others. Most of the beautiful girls do not want to meet anyone. I was on the website from 2006 to 2008. I met 11 girls from the website. Eventually I met an honest girl who is now my wife. I did not go to the website to meet a wife but just to have fun. Therefore I did not care about the scammers. It was fun meeting and spending time with the girls. I ended up marrying my wife because she is nice, sincere and gorgeous. The site is very expensive and most of the girls are there to get you to spend money. Hiring scammers is the only way this site or any other site is going to attract so many beautiful women.

In summary, I would recommend Russian Love Match to a friend.

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99 percent scam
29 November 2015
Reviewer: Beenthere from USA

47 of 92 people found this review helpful

After using this site for years and making several trips to Ukraine, I would categorize this site as a mostly a scam. The profiles and woman might be real but they have no intention of meeting with you. They are paid to keep you interested and paying. When you actually try to meet any of them, they have some excuse. My favorite excuse is that their mother is in the hospital. I have heard this three or four times. One time, I woman mentioned a weekend festival in Kiev that she was going to. I said that it sounded interesting and that I would definitely check that out since I would be in town the next weekend. I did not say I wanted to meet her. She eventually confessed that the festival had already happened in the previous weekend. She had just copied the email and was sending it to multiple men for many weeks. You might find a diamond in the rough on this site but I wouldn't waste time on this site if you do meet someone. If after 4 or 5 messages you are still interested, as for her personal information and make arrangements to me as... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would not recommend Russian Love Match to a friend.

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Russianlovematch completely a fraud
09 January 2015
Reviewer: John United States from Usa

46 of 85 people found this review helpful

Russianlovematch.com is a complete fake. I went to odessa twice. when you pick a profile on the site you are talking to a translater, never the real girl. the girl on the profile is only available for video chat and just sits there smiling and nodding while you tell her what your thinking about her. she knows very little about you. I formed a relationship with olgamiracle on the site and we wrote over 500 letters. every single letter was answered by the translator. you think your forming a friendship with the lady in the profile but its the translater on every letter. when you send gifts its only about money, they split the money and there are no gifts, its all staged. they send you a photo of the girl in profile with a gift to show you she got it but these photos were taken at an earlier time for anyone who sends a gift. olga bulgyna was the lady I fell in love with known as olgamiracle from odessa. I went to odessa twice, a total of 16 days. I met her with the translater and she was nice and we got along and thats why I... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would not recommend Russian Love Match to a friend.

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03 December 2014
Reviewer: Worldadventurer14 from USA

71 of 148 people found this review helpful

I suppose God made me one out of 10 on this RLM. It is not cheap, but I did chat with a few fakes and Girls just having Fun, until I found a good Christian lady and we have been married several years.

Just a few thoughts:
International Dating
1. Stay within 15 years of your age. Like American women the younger ladies may not be serious about moving and ending up with an older man. Immigration will take a closer look.
2. Older Slavics (40+) will have a harder time with immigration and adjustment. Younger ones may have a boyfriend in the background pulling the strings.
3. Expect problems when your back in the US. Everyone from female coworkers the neighbor could try to stick their nose into your life. And the guys might be jealous. Also, some people in Slavic countries can show the same behavior.
4. Agency managers actively recruit ladies for their business. No success stories, no business. Of course, some get greedy, but judge it before you travel.
5. Have Fun. Be Respectful. Be yourself.

1. As for RLM. Agencies can be independent and can work with multiple websites. They are supposed to review the woman's background... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would recommend Russian Love Match to a friend.

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Questionable at best,,,
23 May 2014
Reviewer: Dan from New Mexico USA

108 of 209 people found this review helpful

I have to say that you can meet a nice sincere girl there once in awhile, but for the most part, the letters you get are pre-written and there have been instances where I have gotten girls private email addresses, I find many of them to be coy when the subject of contact outside the agency comes up. This is because they want you to keep spending money on letters and chats. There are good girls mixed in there, but it is really hard to know who they are. You'll get a lot of emails, but my feeling is that most of these are computer generated, or copied and pasted from the girls themselves. This is mainly a scam, probably 93%. I am left with the feeling that some of these online relationships I have had never even existed at all.

That said, I have had experience with both foreign women and US women, and the differences are staggering. I don't think I would ever really want to be serious with an American woman ever again knowing what I know. The gold mine is there waiting to be had, but just not at Russianlovematch or Hotrussianbrides. Also stay away from Anastasiadate,... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would not recommend Russian Love Match to a friend.

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Jono from Sydney Australia
15 February 2014
Reviewer: Jono from Australia

79 of 169 people found this review helpful

Signed up on this site after being scammed by Anastasia date. I might as well give this one a go since I came all the way to Ukraine. The girls I made contact with are real as I asked them to do things like stand up and turn around on the webcam chat, however you will never meet them. They just make up excuses or pretend not to understand you. Anything to not meet you even thought them claim to be in love with you. They just want to keep you talking, keep you spending.

Stay away from this site and stay away from Anastasia Date.

In summary, I would not recommend Russian Love Match to a friend.

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Read this before you pay money
10 November 2013
Reviewer: Long Time User from Never Never Land

121 of 249 people found this review helpful

Hi, I have been with this site for two years, I have travelled extensively thru Ukraine and have been inside the agencies offices to see how they work.

It is becoming increasingly common that these agencies are using translators to talk to men without web cam, so you never know who you are talking to.

So I only chat if I can actually see the woman on web cam, but now they have come up with a new system, they record the woman while she is chatting maybe one hour of sitting and chatting, then after the woman goes home the agency plays the video as if she is still on-line))) Cute EH)))
The Dnepr agency is expert at this now.

So my tip is to ask the woman to do something live, stand up or touch her nose, if it is a recording they refuse and leave you.

Good luck and don't believe anyone.

In summary, I would recommend Russian Love Match to a friend.

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'Buyer Beware... I suggest you stay away from this site
24 October 2013
Reviewer: Deceived from Midwest USA

117 of 223 people found this review helpful

I have been on RLM now for about 14 months. I will start with the positive then go to the negative points.

There are a tremendous amount of beautiful ladies on this site. I have been bombarded with letters and chat requests by 18-50 year old women. The younger ladies don't seem to care that I am 57 and when I ask them about it. They say that love knows no age or that they don't care of my age. It really does seem like a set up. I have been to Ukraine and have had some bad experiences but I have had some good ones too. I do know that the ladies over there do not really want to be with a man who is 10 years older than her. So these 21 year old girls must be being paid to do this.

The ladies are beautiful and seem sincere. Of course when you ask them about being paid they deny it. But there have been plenty of experiences where the girl would write me sexual letters that were of medium length but after they hook you, they refuse to write letters and will only wish to do chat.

Depending on... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would not recommend Russian Love Match to a friend.

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It's not real
13 August 2013
Reviewer: Michael from Toronto, Canada

120 of 231 people found this review helpful

This site is an entire scam. Yes all the girls profiles are real but the chances that you are actually talking to the girl in the photos is next to none. The agencies in Ukraine affiliated with Russian love match and Hot Russian brides (same site) hire and pay women and men to write letters and chat to men.

When you join this website you will be bombarded with hundreds of letters regardless of your age, race, looks, country, and profile quality. In fact you can post no photos and set your age to 95, you will still get 100's of letters.

As for the girls you see on camera yes they are real no doubt about it. Most of these girls also work for the agencies. Their job is to talk to you as much as possible in chat to generate income. A lot of the time you will see these girls dancing naked or showing their bodies to attract attention for chat. More chat = more $$. The same girls online every day at the same time, you can set your watch to it. This is because it is simply their shift... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would not recommend Russian Love Match to a friend.

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Legalized scam??
24 October 2010
Reviewer: Sergey Dragunov from Hungary

213 of 390 people found this review helpful

Sorry to disappoint people, but what I experienced is really an anomaly. I am using dating sites fro a long time. I have had two girlfriends from Ukraine, for over 1.5 year. I have also lived in Harkov for 3-4 months altogether.
This site is indeed an anomaly... as is unique to other dating sites. I know myself, I'm average, I'm from central europe, not rich, not extremely educated.
I was bombarded with over 600 mails (99% prewritten, I guess) and chat requests. I started to correspons with a few ladies (after paying of course) but most answer letters were just generic, introduction, or side talks. Most do not even reply my letter but writes something bright, everyday nothing.

My suspicion is, that at least 90% of those ladies are, however real, but have absolutely no intention to get acquainted with you, but suck your credits and mail answers with stupid letters and chat offers. This whole site reminds me of a Cam-porn site, where actually you get what you want, but here, I doubt you will ever find a soulmate.

Second... the cost. While at other sites for 20-50$ you get full access, here, you can get 20-50 mails to send... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would not recommend Russian Love Match to a friend.

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