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Genuine way to meet a very good new friend
16 June 2015
Reviewer: Very Happy With Cherry Blossoms from Sacramento, CA, USA

291 of 422 people found this review helpful

I am a retired American professional gentleman in my sixties. I have had excellent success with Cherry Blossoms. I was able to choose a wonderful companion from many with great potential.

Here are my tips. Join at least two month before your planned trip to the Philippines. Write a long profile telling about yourself and your plans for the future with the lady of your dreams. If you do not plan to marry, say that you do not. Many of these ladies will not care as they are separated from their husbands and there is no divorce in the Philippines. Plan to look for ladies no more than about twelve years younger than yourself. Many ladies in their fifties are still very attractive. They are more likely to be sincere and to accept a relationship without marriage than will younger ladies. They already have grown children. Look for ladies who are not currently working. They will have time to be with you 24/7. Look for ladies whose educational level is approximately equal to your own, or who at least have a bachelor's degree if you have... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would recommend Cherry Blossoms to a friend.

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Pare down your expectations
30 May 2015
Reviewer: Buzz from San Francisco, CA, USA

101 of 171 people found this review helpful

A man can find a quality woman on Cherry Blossom, but it's very difficult. The chances that sparks will be flying are low. First off, you are 50, she is 25. That is not a recipe for sparks, unbridled passion. Filipinos are very passive people, low energy. Don't let the American-born ones sway you. Those girls are hip, sassy, and sexy/spunky. Most Pinay (Filipinas) are poor, docile, unsophisticated, not curious about much. They wouldn't be spunky and alive around cute 25 year old Western men, so you aren't going to turn them on, ever going to make them lively. Sure, if you're an oral sex expert, you will be more successful, but what we are doing here that needs mentioning is: we are trading economic security for youth/beauty.

I am sure many Western men just want companionship with an English-speaking lady, and are grateful for anything else. If you are expecting the Pinay to be super-happy around you for two weeks, and making love constantly, you're going to be disappointed. Don't spend 24 hours a day together. Heck, married couples in the US spend about 15 minutes A DAY speaking together. Make a detailed plan to do solo sight-seeing, take... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would not recommend Cherry Blossoms to a friend.

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It's a long way to go for a date
30 May 2015
Reviewer: Widerkiss from San Diego, CA, USA

94 of 175 people found this review helpful

It's funny how on this page of reviews, like on Yelp, it's "100% horrible", or "it's great." Well, saddle up to me, I've got a lot of experience with Cherry. I'm a decent-looking guy who is funny and intelligent, who did pretty well for myself in my 20s and early 30s, but then...I'm a white guy living in a big city in the US.

I lived in Japan for some of those years, and did well for myself. I did better than most guys because I was sincere, honest; not looking for a one-night stand. Women in advanced countries are well-rounded, have a 'vibe,' a natural sexuality. I don't know if I've ever met s sexier girl than Kim, whom I dated as a sophomore in high school.

I recommend going to Thailand, not the Philippines. I thought the Philippines would be 'Thailand with English', but was I wrong. Many Thai ladies are sexy, most Filipinas are not. Sure, language will be a problem, but Thais are not conservative and Catholic. You don't even need to chat endlessly online with them, just set up a long trip there, and you will meet women naturally. Or live there for a year. You... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would not recommend Cherry Blossoms to a friend.

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Based on a true story... what happened on my quest for love.
28 November 2014
Reviewer: Allen The Bastard from Rifle, CO

158 of 285 people found this review helpful

Cherry Blossoms user image
So, I will tell the whole story
Black Adopted Male here in early 30's now, never been married 1 out of wedlock Child, Business Owner
I saw this on Oprah's New network maybe about 2 years ago but always was timid to try
I opened my Account with Blossoms Apprx 10/15 /14... SO VERY RECENTLY.
I am a good looking male, just very shy around women.
Right away within minutes I received Dozens of Emails, and IM's from ladies.
I will admit it was very Overwhelming as the avg Male adult does not get that attention here in America.
I kept my goal in mind... MARRIAGE... NOT TO BE A PLAYER...
I settled for the 2nd maybe the 3rd woman that approached me.
21, Pretty, from Cebu City area.
We hit it off right away.
Im praying to God THANK YOU SO MUCH.
We talked to each other So much my Phone bill increases to a Pretty + $600
We quickly develop the I Love You's
She would SING TO ME on the phone in her language
Talk about Marriage, Children, Her getting to America...
I mean... She really made a Brotha feel something no one has ever even ATTEMPTED with me : (
Hey man... I'd do ANYTHING for Her... It's REAL LOVE... Or so I... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would recommend Cherry Blossoms to a friend.

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Don't make the mistake I made. Please stay away
20 October 2014
Reviewer: Roy from WA, USA

120 of 239 people found this review helpful

I believe the site to be good with a good staff. However, the women on CB are 99% fraud. I got the 6 month membership and all it's done it cost me lots of money and frustration. If you think you will not get burn, please think again. These women are very good at scamming you for money. Why even put yourself in that position? I got burned really good by three women. I spent months invested in a relationship only to find out that it was totally a scam. With dozens of women it was totally obvious but these three were so good they fooled me. I tried very hard to find a decent woman. The ones I did find were very serious about leaving their country and family but were only curious. So why even bother. I have good friends that have married a foreign wife and are very happy but they were introduced by another friend. If you refuse to take my advice and still insist on trying your luck then please insist on a video camera. You will get every accuse in the book on why they can't use a cam. Don't believe it. It's probably... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would not recommend Cherry Blossoms to a friend.

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It Worked for Me
18 July 2014
Reviewer: Goodtimebyall from West Virigina

149 of 295 people found this review helpful

Lot of girls sincerely looking for a husband.
You very quickly go to another chat service or messaging site.

Lots of girls just looking for a payday.
Search engine needs work.

It worked for me. I met my wife here.

You do have to look out for scam-ers. But you will find them on all of these sites. I ran in to all types. Those that were looking for just money. Those that wanted to do live sex shows for money, etc. You really have to do your home work.

For example, I had a number of girls contact me where the profile listed their home location as "Somewhere USA", but after chatting with them I would find out they were really in Africa Guinea. Their reasons were varied, but it always came down to they need money to get back to the USA.
BUT this is not CB's fault. There are literally THOUSANDS women on this site. I can believe that they do not have the man power to check every site personally for inconsistencies.

Also, I never had any trouble getting scam-er accounts deleted.

But the best thing about Cherry Blossoms is that you go directly to any other messaging... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would recommend Cherry Blossoms to a friend.

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Worked for me - but beware of scams and they sell your data
04 October 2013
Reviewer: Beermonster from Birmingham, UK

156 of 292 people found this review helpful

I started using blossoms summer 2011. I used it on and off for a few months before eventually finding the girl who is now my fiancée, and we have been together now for nearly 2 years (online) 18 months (in person). So blossoms can be successful. But!

1. There are a lot of scammers. If the photo looks too "good" to be true, it probably is. Try googling the profile text, and the text they send you in any emails. (put extracts of the text in quotes in the search query). Using this technique I found lots of scammers.

2. I got talking to one girl via email. She had to pay a translation company in her own country to translate Russian - English. The only contact I had for her was the translation company. After a while I realised they were filtering out anything in our messages that will allow us to meet. No phone numbers, addresses, work places etc. They even refused to send her anything directly in Russian. I felt sorry for her, but I had to just stop the communication, to try and stop her being scammed even more. This is not Blossoms fault, but something... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would recommend Cherry Blossoms to a friend.

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15 July 2013
Reviewer: Ah! from USA

152 of 307 people found this review helpful

I joined this site and not the first. the scammers came crawling be careful. I started chatting with a girl there she sent me pictures of her. A little trick I learned go to google images then click the little camera picture next to it and down load the picture and see if you find her picture anywhere. As for mine I found her or him who ever was on the other side and the picture lead me to a porn site and found others with other pictures that was sent to me. So I reported this 2 times and forward my e-mail showing her asking for money (what they do the site) Nothing she still there scamming others and NOW I for some reason can not get on the site like they BLOCKED ME? wtf!!! I know its not there fault of the scammers. you can only try and be careful. like one said here already see with web cam that will take some worries away.

In summary, I would recommend Cherry Blossoms to a friend.

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Excellent web site!!!
06 March 2013
Reviewer: Rick from Washington DC, USA

186 of 334 people found this review helpful

Cherry Blossoms is definitely not a scam; I rate it as the number 2 dating web site. I have met a few women from this web site. Never come across a scammer on this web site. CB screens their women well. If your sincere and can spend the money, this is the place to be. The women want out of their depressed societies and will make you happy as compared to the spoiled american women who now puts herself above a man, instead of being his equal.

In summary, I would recommend Cherry Blossoms to a friend.

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Balancing Act
11 September 2012
Reviewer: Devon from San Jose, CA

157 of 315 people found this review helpful

Once I joined the site, I recieved several messages and smiles. The key to remember is, they have to have a picture, turn them down once they ask for money or an email address. Also I found out that video chatting is very good. If they want to speak to me, I demand video chat, the live action type of video so I can really see who I am talking to.

With those checks in mind Cherry Blossoms can be a very enjoyable experience. Just take your time and watch for scams.

In summary, I would recommend Cherry Blossoms to a friend.

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